Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's not a party without people you love.......

No matter the decor, or the fun details...Darrian's party was only special because we got to share it all with family and friends we love (and really that's all you need to "celebrate"). Thank you to all those who came to celebrate our little boy with us!! Here are some pictures from the day.........Sorry I did not get a picture of everyone, the hardest thing about having a party is getting pictures and I never feel like I get enough.

I felt very special that Darrian's Birthday twin made an appearance at his party, just 5 days old isn't Baby Gemma SO cute?
Big sister Oona playing with D, and kept telling him ALL about how she was a big sister.
Wouldn't be a party without Greyson ...
Ms. A getting so big, and so pretty.
blowing out candles

It was so cute Darrian was singing Happy Birthday too.
Pinata aftermath
Faith another proud big sister, SO cute in her cheerleading outfit.
Laura who looks AMAZING, and Oona
Drew and my favorite girls

The twins in the bounce house with the capes on...

My favorite guy...
My favorite girls again..
and my other favorite Lily in her CUTE pink converse, She has SOO much personality and is funny. She was so cute playing and calling for "dee, dee, dee" , she is a smart cookie. oh yes and her Mom I love her too.
J & J.
K out and about with both kids on her own already, um these ladies are going to make me look bad lol.


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

You always throw the best parties, Michelle!

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