Friday, September 25, 2009

Blog Challenge #1 ...Why do you blog?

I belong to an amazing community of woman (I have talked about them a few times here before), we were all talking about blogs last week. Most of us feel like our blogs become photo dumps (who me?) without much inspiration for anything else. A fellow Mom thought it would be fun to start a blog challenge to maybe get our minds inspired. This is the first week.

This week's prompt is: Why do you blog? What do you hope to get out of participating in this challenge?

Why do I blog?
It started 3 years ago (can you believe that?) when I was looking for a way to keep us connected with friends and family who did not live nearby. It is hard to talk to everyone everyday, or even once a week, and when we did talk and they asked what have we been doing I would say "nothing" . Well that doesn't open up the conversation very much, and I am on the go constantly so why didn't I have lots to talk about. I sort of started this hoping it would keep us better connected. Since then so much has happened and it is all documented right here. It has turned into being about mainly Darrian, and a few of my random thoughts thrown in. I find myself thankful for it now because it has documented so much of Darrian's life and it is easy for me to look back at the milestones (and when they happen). I still blog to keep connected, and often here from friends that they feel like they talk and see me often because of the blog.

What do you hope to get out of participating in this challenge?

I am hoping it will spark some new topics to write about, and help me expand it a bit from the same old, same old that I type about.


Brakes and Gas said...

Immpressive! You are already done with your challenge! Good job!

Alison said...

The modern baby book! But with so much more value!!!

Lizz said...

Excellent! I would have gone crazy keeping people updated when Max was first born, if not for my blog!
Thanks for participating!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Great reasons to blog!! It will nice years from now to be able to reflect back on what life was like prior to D and when D was little!

Anonymous said...

good job!i love all the photos in blogs, i just need to learn how to do it! ~Falynn

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