Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy 27th Birthday Natalie..

Natalie was in town this weekend to celebrate her 27th birthday. I feel like just the other day we were celebrating her birthday in SF, but that was her 25th birthday. Two years in a blink of an eye. This year we headed out to Oakland to celebrate. We also met up with some ladies we have not seen in a long time. These were some of Natalie's best friends in grade school, and High School before she moved. Crazy to see them also all grown up. The one I was closest to was Brande, she is so nice and seeing her after almost 11 years was like I just saw her yesterday. Like when people have that quality about them, and you can fall into place. We drank bunches, and danced, and laughed it was a great evening. Glad she had a Happy Birthday and that I have been there to celebrate so many (eek, 21? again I feel old).

Gettting started..

Ms. Brande and Kat

Niki and Tami.

Sometimes you just go with it :)

The Ladies.. some of them..


The low note for me came at the end of the night when my purse went missing for about 45 mins., turns out that one of Nat's friends picked it up and did not realize it. Unfortunately with the drinks, I was an emotional wreck and did not handle it very well. The expensive purse, the iphone, the ID and credit cards.. that did not have me in a panic. What did was the fact my camera and fish eye lens were in my purse. They were both gifts, and not at all something I could just replace. I knew I am attached, thinking it was gone made me realize how upset I would be if I lost it. I learned a lesson, and now I am looking into private insurance to get to cover my camera and lens so if I ever do loose them, I won't have to worry about how to replace them. This would be peace of mind. Very very thankful I got everything back.


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