Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday's Gallore...

I think that Aug. has more birthday's in it than any other month. At least it feels that way. Several special people in my life have birthday's in Aug., so it has always been a crazy month for us. Now with Darrian and his friends, well we just up the craziness a bit. :)

D taking it all in, practicing for his big day. :) Who is this kid who wants to sit at the table and drink out of cups! ACK!

So far in the last 10 days we have celebrated my Mom's birthday, Keith's birthday, and Darrian's friend Greyson's birthday. Crazy how much fun we can pack into a few short days.

Here are some pictures of the festivities.

K's red velvet cake, we bbqd for him that night.

Mom blowing out her candles...

D at Greyson's birthday party, he loves ride on toys.

All the kids enjoying a snack. G's mom made really cool tshirts that went with the campfire theme, song books, and reusable snack packs. I think the best favors we have ever been given at a birthday party. All made by her, amazing.


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