Monday, July 20, 2009


We got back on Friday from our vacation in Cabo. We had an amazing time. I really love Mexico for vacations. We have been to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and now Cabo. I don't think I have ever been disappointed. I know some LOVE Hawaii, but I happen to like Mexico better. We used the timeshare and went to Cabo. They did not have a one bedroom available so they gave us two jr. suites. Each sweet sleeps 4 easily, they have a kitchenette and all have ocean views. Since we had two suites it was Darrian, myself, and K in one, and then Mom and Pam in another. It worked out perfectly.

We spent a lot of time at the pool, beach, and resort. We did go to town one day, and a sister resort to meet Mom and Pam after they got off their snorkeling tour. We had a great time, and the week flew by. Darrian did pretty well with the flights and trip as a whole. He had a few moments of meltdown, but at his age it is to be expected.

The resort Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach is built into the side of a mountain. It spills down the mountain, it has 8 pools. They have carts that run 24/7 sort of like golf carts to catch to where you want to go. You could walk, but it would be uphill. Our rooms were at the bottom right on the beach. We were on the second level, and Mom and Pam's room was RIGHT on the beach. You walked out their door and you were on the sand.

We had lots of margaritas, and great food. We ate at the La Frida a highly rated restaurant on our final night. We got a babysitter for Darrian for the first time, and he did great dancing for the babysitter and was very comfortable being left. He did snuggle me a bunch when I got back too which is nice. :) They have a fun kids camp, but he has to be 4 and once he is I think he will really enjoy doing that a few times during the vacation. He swam a lot and is a total fish baby, he was pretty confident with his floaties, and not afraid of water at all.

Here are some pictures from our trip. I may have to split these up a bit.

Darrian really loved having Pam around, and did not want her to go.

Daddy and D on the beach.

View of the resort from beach up.


This was Mom and Pam's room view, the patio was right on the beach..

Mexican Coffee, we ordered one of these for dinner one night.. .and got a fire show. :)

Finally a pic of us three, I am trying to get D to look at the camera.. not happening.
View from Lunch.. that is one of the 8 pools, and actually not the main pool which was HUGE.

We went into town one day and shopped at the local market, then we went looking for restaurant Mi Casa that someone suggested.. food was really good.
Some amazing pottery.

LOTS of silver in Mexico

Pammy trying on a sombrero

Mom was a bit embarrassed by us, ok not us Pammy. :)

D enjoying the live music a bit.

Lots of these on this trip. They were STRONG too.

Mom and Pammy at Mi Casa.

More to come..


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

FUN! Love, love Mexico! Love Mexican silver, and pottery and coffee, and beaches! Looks like a wonderful vacation!

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