Thursday, July 02, 2009

Celebrating the end of an Era..

Last Friday I got together with the Unisource people to celebrate and say good-bye to the Northern CA customer service center. It was nice to see all the former employees and some current one's come together and have some fun. Unisource closed it's offices here in CA, and laid everyone off to move business to LA. I think the rumor that this would happen has been there since the beginning of time.... still hard to see it go.

I worked at Unisource for 8 years, and my Mom for 25 before retiring. Since I was 5 years old, Unisource has been apart of my life. Several of the people there have been woven into my childhood since then, and are close family friends or family in my eyes. Those 8 years I worked there, the people made the company.. and we made it fun. We had great times, great laughs, great memories... to me it always said something that these people that you spend more time with than anyone else, your willing to give them your time outside the "clock" hours too. Since leaving I have kept in touch, and will miss having everyone in one place to go visit. I wish them well.. the best actually. I have found since leaving Unisource no other place is like it, not the company, but the community.

When we all got together last Friday I was reminded how MUCH fun I had with these people, and how much I miss working side by side with them everyday. I think at one point Vincent and I calculated how much time we spent together vs. the time we spent with our families.. you better enjoy the people your spending that much time with.

Here are a few pictures of the night. I REALLY REALLY hope we can keep this going and get together as a group more often.

(please excuse the Raider fan below, explains enough)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful tribute, as you stated we are still family and that will never change no matter where or how far we all go. So happy that you were there, can hardly wait until the next get together! --Lynette

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for such a sweet tribute to what was. Our friendship is and always will be incredibly important to me and even though I’m a little further down the road I hope to continue our “as often as we can” get togethers with Liz. Enjoyed the photos too, except mine. It was great to see you even though it was a short visit. Can’t wait until this move is over and done!

Love ya much!

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