Friday, March 04, 2011

Two Months

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Eventually I will get better about posting these closer to the actual month marks. Maybe. Quincy and Miles are two months old. In some ways I feel like it has been longer than two months and in other ways I think time is going slow. They both are happy boys, lots of smiles and coo's. I am trying to get us all in a pattern, but I know it won't fall into place for a while. They both see us, and break into smiles. It is the best feeling. I find myself wishing ahead but I am trying to enjoy the time because I know it will go so fast and I can't get it back. They both are working on getting their hands in their mouth, and both tolerate tummy time and the swing ok. Quincy seems to have a little more patience, Miles is a right now kind of personality (no idea where he got that :)).

It is really hard taking a picture of one kid, three is pretty impossible for the perfect shot. These should be more and more interesting as they get older.

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This one cracks me up..
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