Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Darrian the big brother

Lots of people ask me how Darrian is as a big brother. I have to say before I had the twins I was SO worried about how Darrian would adjust. I mean one person to share attention with is hard, TWO how would he do with TWO? I have to say from day one he has done amazingly. He really really loves his baby brothers. It melts my heart to hear him talk to them. I know that this doesn't mean they won't fight over toys when the time comes for them to go after his trains, or that they won't fight over who gets to talk on the phone when the girls start calling.... but in the soul of that little three year old is such a caring person.

From day one Darrian has never mixed up who is who. He knew exactly who was Quincy, and who was Miles. He would correct anyone who got them mixed up. I hear him whispering to them when they are crying, don't worry I will take care of you. He wants to help hold the bottle. He will hear them crying and run through the house "oh no, oh no I better get their ..." to try and solve the problem. I try to take him to the store or running around just him and I but he always wants to take his brothers with us. They just eat him up too, and look up to him already. I can't wait to see these relationships grow.
I took a few pictures on my iphone over the past few weeks. Darrian making his brother's laugh.

Quincy was crying so I was making a bottle and I heard the crying stop. When I went back into the room Darrian had given Quincy his blanket to comfort him, and had gotten out his books and was reading Quincy and Miles stories. So very sweet.

He has taken to singing My Little Sunshine to his brothers, so sweet. I got it on video, if you can't see this in the email go to .


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