Monday, August 10, 2009

Sprinkle some soon-to-be-mama's ...

Two of my friends are close to adding #2 to their families. In the world of etiquette you don't really have a "shower" for baby number two, however in my world every child should be celebrated. Pregnancy is no joke, and well.. everyone should get some loving for making it through the many months of uncomfyness, even more so when chasing a toddler on top of it. So in my Mom's circle of friends we have "sprinkles" a low key shower. I hosted a sprinkle on Sunday for 2 great Mama's Laura and Katie. Everyone brings a snack, and their kiddos and we relax and chat while the kids play. We had about 30 people over, 15 woman and their kids. It was a bunch of fun. This is the first time Darrian has had his friends over and he was a great host. Him and his friend J played SOOOO cute together, running around the house laughing at each other's "jokes" very precious. We are lucky to have known these kids since they were babies, some before they were born.. can't wait to see the newest additions to our circle of friends.
I got some detail pictures before everyone came, then everyone got there and I pretty much put the camera down. I have to work on that.
Congrats again Laura and Katie, can't wait to meet the new additions!

Snack cups for the kids.

cupcakes I made.

D and J playing, they were SOOO cute.

Fruit infused water.

the set up without all the delish goodies from the other ladies.

D plotting to get a cuppycake before everyone arrived. :)


Little Ms. M. She was in love with D's car, and not something he shares well. He liked her sassyness, and by the end of the day was trying to give her hug after hug after hug.. :)

Mr. J very close to crawling!


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