Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More and More birthday's

(first a flashback!, this was JUST three years ago!!)

Malia ready to open gifts!

Cupcakes that Ju-ju made they look professional huh?!

It's the month for them, a friend told me she saw a thing saying the highest birth's happen in Aug. I can feel that by the amount of birthday's that fill our calender this month. This past weekend we celebrated Malia's 8th birthday, and celebrated the 3rd birthday of Darrian's friends.

Malia had a swim party, it was a bunch of fun for him. He loves the water, he is not afraid of it at all. This is a good thing I think. He got out of the water about 5 times, and Keith kept taking his floaties off, even changed him into cloths.. and he went right back into the water. We had a good time, and it was great to see the girls (oh and their parents). I just can't believe how fast they grow. Malia being 8 seems impossible. It seems like just a few months years ago we were celebrating her FIRST birthday!

here are some pictures from our parties this weekend.

Awh.. Lily and Daddy. .

Pool time..

Practicing his kicks..

D and Lily playing together.. D likes to sit IN the water table.

D eating a cuppy cake

Ms. Lily showing off her standing skills..

PARTY number two.. S & A's 3rd birthday party. These twins are SO cute, it has been fun to watch them grow over the past two years... their Mom has been so helpful with D and life, it was fun to be apart of the celebration. It was at Superfranks, that place is a great place for a birthday party. They have lots of things for the kids to do and Darrian loves it there. The lighting was a bit hard, I think I have to get used to using the flash inside.


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