Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sometimes it does feel good to just be nominated...

I am having a ruff week, or month. I am trying not to dwell on bad things, and let them take over my whole year, not going to give it power basically. However I can't help sometimes feel like it is one thing after another for some time now, if it isn't things I am going through then our family, friends.

All that said. I remember my Dad saying if a person had one great friend in life I was blessed, I feel like I have been blessed with SO many wonderful friends. Many of whom I consider family. They are my core. When having Darrian I wanted to join a Mom's group so I could provide him with friends to play with, play dates. I have said this before but it has turned into such a wonderful outlet for me. To have someone who gets the greatness and the hard parts of being a parent, who is trying to figure it out at the same time as I am, provided to be amazing. Out of a group of many, I have really connected with a few and become way more than just "Mom" friends.

One of my friends Kelly, who is a amazing person for so many reason's is someone that I have been very thankful for meeting. We both love photography, and she launched her own business last year. We follow the same photography blogs, and one of them is holding a class in the bay area this summer. The price of the class is $1200.00 (YIKES), they are giving away some spots for it. I was surprised to look yesterday and see my name there, and that Kelly nominated me as a person to get the spot. I know it isn't possible, because there is so much GREAT ladies who are listed (Kelly included). However the words and the fact she took the time to write them meant a lot to me. Also proved my point that I am very blessed by the company I keep.

on 31 Mar 2009 at 2:22 pm Kelly

I would like to nominate my wonderful friend Michelle. She isn’t a professional photographer, but she has more passion for photography than almost any other person I know.
Like many of the women nominated, she has endured her fair share of hardships. However, I don’t want to focus on the negative, nor do I want to post her personal business. Instead, I would like to focus on why she deserves to be chosen.
Michelle entered my life at a time when I really needed her. I was losing connections with old friends, due to becoming a mother. Due to growing up. Right away I knew that Michelle was going to be someone special in my life. She is a wonderful mother to her almost 2 year old son. She works outside the home but fills their evenings and weekends with outings and special time together. She is a loyal and dedicated friend. The type would send you a “permission to be a b*tch” card when you’re having a rough week.
She is selfless and smart. Her empathy is one of her traits that I admire most. She knows when to just listen and say that she understands instead of trying to fix whatever problem you are venting about at the moment.
She was instrumental in me starting my own photography business. She encouraged me and helped me through every step of my journey.
Words are not enough to express how thankful I am to have a woman like Michelle as my friend.

Here is a link to the contest, the blog, and the other ladies.


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