Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a great weekend, and Easter. We went to church on Sunday, and then came home and had an Easter Egg hunt, played outside and I made dinner. It was relaxing and fun. Even though Darrian did not "get" it all the way, he was steps closer than he was last year. He did enjoy the treats.

On the hunt:
(outfit provided by Grandma)

He would open each egg as he found them, made for long hunting :)

Our Basket for Darrian:

Grandma's, she also got him tickets to go see Elmo (Mel-mo if you ask him) Live :)

On his firetruck (grandma got him for Christmas, sensing a theme here?)

Daddy and Darrian drawing with chalk

Hanging out with his kitty at the end of the night.


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