Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Memory to make note of...

Sometimes I wish everything I write here did not send out emails, because really not EVERYTHING I put here is THAT interesting. But there is no real on and off for each post switch, and I know most of you hear about what is going on in our life via the emails... and not from checking on the blog. I do want to make note of certain things Darrian is doing, that are cute, funny, or how he is growing. I use this blog in a lot of ways to remember certain milestones or small funnies I forget over time. This is one.

Darrian now goes to bed at 8pm, wakes up between 7 am- 8 am. He is like his Mommy in the way that he isn't a morning person, or a person who likes people right in his face when he wakes up. LOL. So he will wake up from his nap, and talk to his stuffed animals for a bit.. sing a song. When he is ready to get up he will call for you. Usually not by name but by saying "Done, DONE, DONE". till you come. When we open the door we find him standing arms flung open saying, done, then hello "Heywo" , then usually a few bounces in his crib. On the floor we notice he has "freed" his animals, blanket, pillow before saying he was ready to get out. I guess he knows he is leaving the crib, wants to make sure they have free time too by throwing them all over the railing first.

When it is time to go to bed "nigh-nigh" he will wave by to Daddy, say good-bye, and head down the hall to his room. He then picks all his stuffed animals off the floor and puts them BACK in the crib. He will not sleep without his blanket, he throws that back in as well. A kiss. A prayer. and then he is asleep.


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