Monday, April 13, 2009

Ivy Turn SIX!

Where does time go? I can't believe little Ivy is 6 years old. Hard to think it was not just yesterday that she was D's age. We celebrated with a Bolt party requested by the birthday girl herself on the 5th. Julie did a great job with the theme, and kept it really girl like and fun, which looking at the DVD cover looked like it would be hard to do. Lots of family came to celebrate this special girl's big day. Including Chris's sister Dawn who lives in NC, has has not been out this way in um 9 years ! (again where does time go)..

Her daughter Megan got to meet her other Cousin's for the first time, and in true child fashion you would think they knew each other forever.
Darrian had a great time playing with Julie's friend's little boy who was a year older, and taking his first drink of wine. It was left on the train table and my little one swiped it. I was really hoping he would wait to his first communion until he tasted wine, he had other plans. He also was very interested in Lily and gave her a kiss on the forehead. I love that he knows to be lovey with a baby, especially one as cute as Lily. He did pretty well with little nap, and was wiped out by the end of the day.

Here are some pictures :

Human treats in Doggy bowls. cute!

Julie made these, I thought they looked professional, love the colors.

Ms. Lily:

Birthday Girl :

Brother and Sister :

Ms. Malia

Cutest boy ever? I think so ;)

Pinata time..

Face painting :

D minus his shirt since it had wine all down the front, playing at the train table.


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