Friday, January 23, 2009


Love this picture, he is biting the straw on his cup, it looks like a snarl but it cracks me up.

So friday D had his 15 month appt. (actually 16 mo.), I thought he had a 12 mo. appt. then a 18 mo. one and that was it. Nope Kaiser called and left me a message telling me I did not schedule one, and so they did it for me and for me to bring him in. So I did. He did really good, although they had a computer in the room and he LOVES to type on keyboards so he kept trying to crawl down to get to it.

The Dr. was impressed, he knows about 20 words, and is chatty. Walking, running for months now so she was happy. She said he is very smart, and who I am to disagree? :) She also said he is tall for his age, don't know where he got that from.

His stats were:

33 inches
and 30 lbs

both in the above avg. area.

So he is healthy, and cute, and smart.. I think we will keep him :)


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