Thursday, January 29, 2009

A friend's success..

A friend's success..
I wanted to share this video and a little story. Some of you remember Jana, a client of mine who became a friend. She lost her Fiancee Matt one week before they were suppose to marry. It was sudden, tragic, and shook me to the core. Jana and I have kept in touch over the last few years, and check in from time to time. She moved back to LA from NYC, and started life over. She landed a great job at a marketing firm and joined a band, playing lead guitar. The band the Monthlies have toured, and I went to go see them when pregnant with Darrian in SF with Niki and Nicole. A fan entered them in the "Airwalk Unsigned Hero Contest", not only did they make in the top 20.. they won the whole THING. They get to play at Spin's Magazine showcase in Austin, Music video, and lots of great publicity. The band's name is The Monthlies. She sent me a email of the behind the scene's of the recording of the video, the video itself "Hip girl" will be ready in three weeks and I will post it here. They play in and around LA every week, if your in the area check them out.. and tell Jana I send my best wishes.

The Monthlies - "Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Hip Girl Music Video" from Jeremy Jackson on Vimeo.


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