Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Friday..

Happy Friday..
I am tired since I went to go see Adele in Concert last night at the Warfield in SF. Just not the same getting home super late, and having to get up early the next morning. I was very thankful I went though, GREAT show and Adele was wonderful. I think she is the best live performance I have seen, and I have seen several. She sounded EXACTLY like her CD, and is such a fun person. I went with Devyn, Laura, and Laura's husband. It was fun.
This weekend we have lots going on bday party for D's friend, Date night with Keith, and then superbowl.. with running around in between.
Here is a video of D dancing and saying bye. This was taken about 3 weeks ago. K was getting out of the car and I was taking D to meet some friends for dinner. He was dancing to the music, and saying bye. If you listen you will see that he has started to say "Bye Keith" from time to time. Keith is not too happy about that, which makes Darrian laugh.
Here you go. If you can't see this go to ..


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