Friday, January 23, 2009

Catching up..

I had a nice long 4 day weekend :). My company had Monday off for Martin Luther King day, and I took Tuesday Inauguration day off as vacation to watch history and a change I am looking forward to take place.
In true me fashion, the weekend was filled with lots of fun times. Keith threw his back out last week so he has been resting it up, and I have been trying to keep Darrian busy while he heals. Friday Darrian has his 15 month wellness check, more on that in another post. After the Dr's. we met my friends Laura, Kelly and their husband's for dinner with the kiddos. We went to this place Little Star Cafe (where they know us because we have been there a BUNCH of times even though they just opened) where they serve food (and beer and wine) and have a great play area where the kids can play with each other, and the adults can sit and ACTUALLY talk! We had a great time. Saturday Darrian and I ran to Target, then went with Grandma to Sonoma for a picnic. It was a bunch of fun, although hard to contain Darrian for running all over in a big open space. Sunday Darrian went to a birthday party of one of his pal's Tyson, he had a blast playing in this car the WHOLE time (he does the same at Little Star Cafe, they have the same Car). After a lot of fun he was out, and took a 3 hour nap and I used the time to go shopping with Kelly. :) Keith and I watched Slumdog Millionaire, good movie but sad people live like that.

What day am I on now??? OH yes.. Monday. We met Kelly and Greyson at LSC (Little Star Cafe) to play and have breakfast. Then came home so D could nap. When he woke up we took him to this little park nearby to feed the ducks, and play. He was more interested in the "wa-wa" (water) and had to spend a lot of time keeping him from going for a swim.

Keith's Mom once told me about how Keith when he was a small boy was obsessed with "wa-wa" and if they were driving and he saw a pond, fountain, or lake he would cry for it over and over "wa-wa, wa-wa, WA-WA". Funny how DNA works, Darrian is the SAME way now. He loves his water and calls for it when he sees it ANYWHERE.

Tuesday needs it's own blog.. so here are some pictures from the other days.

Looking at the Airplane. :)

Love this deciding what to do next look..

I know this is blurry because he can move fast, and my view finder was on the background.. but you can sort of see the look of joy on his face when running.

haha this face cracks me up.

The birthday Party..
He was in the Car MOST of the time. I did pull him from it a few times so others could have a chance. The birthday boy's cousin was trying to trick him out of it by getting him interested in the horn. It did not work.

Goodie bags. with Train whistles which D loved.

The cake.

It was a train themed party, because the bday boy LOVES them. Here he is, at the train table of course.

Pinata time, where they pull strings a GREAT idea and so much safer than arming a 2 year old with a bat!

D in the mix.

I LOVVEEE this picture. Cracks me up because he loves phones, and is acting like he really is getting a call from the dispatcher. I have to get him a car like these, he loves them.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, If you can't see pics in the email go to


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