Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Then and Now.. Happy Thanksgiving..

It seems like just yesterday I took that picture a year a go.
This thanksgiving I am most thankful for my family, and friends. Same as every Thanksgiving before. Except the older I get, the more loss that comes into our lives, the more I appreciate those I have. It doesn't always ease the pain of what we have lost in this last year, and people Darrian won't get to form his own memories about.. but it helps get us through those tough moments. Our son has been the greatest gift I ever could have asked for, his health, his smiles, his candid innocence... for having him I am very thankful. Enjoy your turkey days. Be thankful for your loved one's and friends, and remember those not here. That is what we will do. Enjoy your holiday! Love, The Thornton's.


Heather said...

How freaking cute is he?!?!

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