Monday, November 24, 2008

A busy three day weekend.

I took friday as a vacation day, just so I could have some extra time to spend with the boys. Friday baby D and I swung by to see Grandma at "work", where he didn't want to leave, and cried when I took him from her. I think he thought he was staying to play. We then headed over to Studio Grow. A really fun indoor play space for kids. They have different rooms with fun toys, blocks, a gym area, and a little dance studio. D LOOVVVEED it. We met up with some of his friends, and he enjoyed playing for almost 2 1/2 hours! He would have stayed longer too. He loved the ball pit, and dancing. He also loved painting, he kept sneaking off to belly up to the paint tables. After that we came home took a nap, and then played outside for a while. Saturday we went to Sonoma with Grandma to have lunch, go to a park, and then to train town. He was pooped by the time we got back. Sunday we went to the park so I could get pics of him in his super cute outfit.. he had other things in mind.. .like running for a pond even if a hill was between him and the pond. He has no fear and is a very determined little guy. It was hard to get pics of him.. note to self next time try a park with out a bunch of ducks and a big pond.

here are some pics..

Studio Grow ..

Sonoma ..

Dressed up pics coming in another post. if you can't see pics go to


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