Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall is here.

I know it has been here, but the leaves are changing and it is brisk out. Not to mention the time change. Saturday I had a wedding, it was close to home so that was nice. Sweet couple too. I did miss the day with Darrian, but getting home at 6 was nice since I had time to play with him. After he went to sleep I went over to my friend's Katie house to pick up a catalog of Body Works stuff she is selling. Lots of cool stuff, and stocking stuffers.. if you want to see it let me know.

Sunday was a great day. The three of us hung around in the morning, Darrian took a nice long bubble bath, then we took a nap together. Darrian and I got lunch together then, we then went shopping together, to H&M and then Target.

After that we went to the park, which is a trail really in Clayton. To walk around a bit, and D tried out a brand new trick! Running! He was off. I was trying to keep up. Of course I got pictures of all of it. The walking thing was fun but this running thing.. not so sure.


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