Monday, November 03, 2008


I took halloween off. I think it may be a yearly thing. I remember my Mom rushing home from work, trying to get us ready, and then taking us out that night to trick-o-treat.. I didn't want to rush. When I was a bit older (12ish) I would ride with her over to Lynda's and spend the day with Chris waiting for them to get home and then participate in the haunted house Lynda put on each year. This year Darrian and I had a playdate in the morning with the Mom's then we all headed to Stockton to spend the time with Chris and Julie and the family. The girls had fun running from house to house, D took it all in hitting up a few houses here and there. Saturday we spent the day and the boys went to the movies.

D for sure has a favorite spot for his godfather Chris. Halloween night we got back from trick-o-treating and he crawled into Chris lap when he was feeding Lily and snuggled. It was super precious. He also cried when Chris left to go to the garage and the movies. SO sweet.

Too freaking cute!


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