Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saturday Mornings...
Saturday Mornings are my favorite kind of mornings, no work, all play, relaxing. It used to be Keith would ALWAYS wake up before me.. and often after being up an hour by himself would come bug me to get up. My days of sleeping in are a thing of the past at this point, and often Baby D and I are up before Daddy. We go out into the living room and play. He is also a morning person, like his Dad, wanting to play, and cheerful. It just makes Sat. morning that much more favorite ..

Playing with Daddy

Daddy is off making Coffee what will he get into now..
Spotted from across the room, a ball, a new favorite.
Enjoying the view, chewing on the ball..
A cute way he likes to sit, either like the way above or like the one below :)

Off after the ball..
trying to crawl with one hand and hold th ball with the other.
Who am I kidding, any morning with this face is a Favorite..


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