Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Sad Story..
Disclaimer: JULIE.. don't read any further. It will make you sad and I know you hate it when you cry. Delete this and pretend you never got it.
So one of my old clients and I became friends when planning her wedding, she hired me in 2006 for her 2007 wedding. Chandra is a great person and was by far my favorite client from last year. Her and I had many things in commen, and in 2007 we both shared that our Mother-in-laws (her soon to be) both had the same kind of cancer. She even went so far as to get her's in contact with Donna to talk about battles of treatment and so on. We have kept in touch since her Oct. 2007 wedding, I actually almost did not get to do her wedding because it was 10 days prior to the due date of Darrian. I remember telling her and she said it is okay come and kick you feet up, just having me there would make her feel better. When I had Darrian at 34 weeks I told her I would make the wedding, she thought I should bring him.. I did not.
During the planning I met several of her friends, most from LA, where she was from. One named Liz stuck out because she was SO friendly and SO outgoing. I remember thinking honestly she was the most outgoing person I had ever met. At the wedding she was the first to arrive at the rehearsal and quickly introduced herself to everyone. She was pregnant at the time and we chatted about that, since I had a newborn at home.
Well.. Chandra informed me about a month ago that Liz had passed. Right after birth. Earlier this week she shared with me the husband's blog. What a strong man he is, who is now raising his daughter on his own. When I read the blog for the first time, in the middle of the night I went to look at Darrian while he was asleep. I thank my lucky stars that although he came about the same time as Liz's daughter, and my health .. that we are okay. I wish she was too. I plan on sending something to the fund when I can.
If you can take a look at the blog, her husband writes it so openly, and so honest. Lots of prays with him, and his daughter.. as well as all her friends who have lost so much.
Here is the email..
Begin C&P
Hi Michelle,
I know you know about that loss of my dear friend Liz and your kind words have certainly helped. Many have asked for updates on how her husband and little Madeline have been doing, so I thought I would share with you a daily blog that Matt's been keeping to update friends and family but now has morphed into something bigger than anyone could of anticipated.
You may want to start at the beginning:
*~ Chandra ~*


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