Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Devan (and Jason)!
Devan our nephew is in town this weekend, his twin brother Jason was not able to come this trip. We had a birthday dinner tonight for Devan as him and Jason will be turning 20 on the 6th. He asked Keith to make potato salad for him, and Keith did along with fried chicken, cornbread, and cabbage. My Mom also came by to celebrate and visit Darrian. Funny we were talking tonight about how I first met them when they were just 9 years old! Time goes so fast!
Devan is on crutches because he was the innocent bystander that was shot a few weeks ago at a Movie theatre in Torrance. We feel very lucky that he did not have more serious injuries, and glad he is okay. You can read more about the story here :

Soooo... we didn't have happy birthday so Keith put "Congratulations" on the cake :)

Making a wish..

My amazing camera lens :)
Grandma and Baby D


Katie said...

I think "Congratulations" is very fitting considering her brush with violence! His making it to 20 is something to congratulate him about! :) Looks like you had a great time!

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