Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Little Farm

Today Baby D and I joined some Mommy's and their amazing kids at Little Farm in Tilden Park. A really cute place tucked in the Berkeley hills, Tilden is so pretty just driving through it makes me recenter myself.

Sol planned the trip to get my mind off things. The kids were great, Baby D seemed to interact more, a little too much. We tried for a group picture and he bugged Cami to the point of tears, then tried to make up for it by comforting Joaquin who started crying because everyone else was (except Baby D). Later he grabbed Joaquin's hair, but shared his toys..I hope he grows out of that phase soon. As I was driving away I was thinking.. that was fun.. I should wish I got paid to do that!

Caden and Joaquin with their Mom's

Cameron taking it all in, Baby D really liked her.


Shortly after the picture above, D kept petting Cami and it made her cry.. which made everyone else cry except D. He tried to comfort his friend Joaquin.

Cami and D later.


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