Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A happy Birthday!!
I had a really good weekend. It was really really nice. Saturday Mom rented a car and then because she had plans let us use it. It was fun to drive it around, we drove all the way to Santa Rosa talking and Darrian slept the whole time. We went back to Sf and had a nice early dinner and then back home. Sunday we had people over for Superbowl. It was fun to catch up with everyone and watch the game. I SO wanted the Giants to win because I can not stand the Patriots and their classless coach. (told you I didn't like them) It was nice to see the defeat. I also got a WONDERFUL birthday gift from my mom and Keith which was a fisheye Canon Lense.. all a girl could hope for. I am going to have SO much fun with it.
Monday my birthday I took a vacation day and relaxed. I planned to have Darrian's pictures taken by and up and coming photographer I met. I adore her work. Since she is new her prices are very very reasonable for what she offers and compared to others in the industry. She came over at about 1130 and stayed with us till about 230. She put up some sneak peeks and really I was blown away. I LOVE them. She took a lot of shots and we get a CD of all the images. It is a tough age because he can sit on his own for a few moments before he tips over. We managed to get some really good ones in and he was a trooper. After that I just went home and Keith cooked me a wonderful dinner.
Enjoy some pictures.. Don't forget to VOTE today! :0 )


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