Monday, January 28, 2008

Just Growing..

We had a good weekend. Lately Baby D and I have been going on walks on the weekend. He seems to like them, and eventually falls asleep in the stroller. Saturday we ran around him and I , to develop film, for a walk at the park, then to the grocery store. He was really good the entire time. Then we came home and relaxed and I cooked dinner and my Mom came over. It was a really nice day. Sunday we went to Chris and Julie's in Stockton. Chris and Keith had a playdate so Baby D and I hung out with Julie and Ivy. We had a really good time, so much that I don't think Keith was quite ready to leave but it was getting late. We got home by 9pm. It was a really good day. Ivy is so cute, and so excited about her younger sister's upcoming arrival. I was very happy when Julie went to go get lunch and she stayed with Darrian and I at the house, we had a nice chat about school and all things going on in her world. She is precious.

Today, baby D was jumping in his jumperoo and I guess he just got tired! :)

I am telling you I could stare at him ALLLL day! This was today also.
Baby D standing up with Daddy's help.
I will call him mini-me :)

This is blurry but funny, he feel asleep in his swing with his finger in his mouth like this. We were trying to get a picture and he woke up with this look on his face and his finger still in his mouth.

Daddy cracks him up!


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