Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A lovely day for a picnic ..
I have done many weddings in Sonoma and Napa, and everytime I am there I say it is the perfect place for a picnic. So on Sunday my Mom, Darrian and I headed up there for that reason a picnic. We took some of the things we had left from Monterey and got more at the Sonoma Marketplace near the square. We then headed over to Bartholomew Winery for a picnic. It also has a rich history dating back to 1867, and a muesum on site. It exchanged many hands including the Catholic Arch Diocese who sold it to the State of Ca, then became Sonoma Valley Hospital, and eventually was sold to a journalist Robert Bartholomew after WWII. It now is about 400 acers of lovely land that has several picnic tables, a very nice bathroom, working winery, and lots of trails. Here are some pictures from our day

**You can click on any to make them larger**

This is the sunset on the way home.. breathtaking.
My baby all worn out after a long day..
Some CA poppys inside the window at the muesum.
The vineyards
We got a small cake to share and my mom was singing happy bday, I think Baby D thought it was for him.
In front of the house

View from our picnic table


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