Monday, July 09, 2007

A wedding filled weekend...

This weekend was a busy one.. Mainly because of weddings. Friday I had two rehearsals.. on in SF for Sunday's wedding, and then one in Baypoint for Justin and Danielle's wedding. Justin is friends of ours... I met him at Going to the Game about 10 years ago. When he decided to get married last year I offered to help with his wedding. They were one of many couples who got married on 7*7*07. The wedding was at their church in baypoint with the reception in Walnut Creek. Saturday morning I got up early and went to decorate from about 9-12pm with Justin and the groomsmen putting together centerpieces and all. The guys did a good job. Then ran home and got ready, and Keith and I went to the ceremony. After that to the reception where we had a good time, dancing and hanging out.

Sunday we went to do a full coordination wedding of mine on Treasure Island. I loved the way it turned out! All the ideas we had came together really well, and the couple was very nice. I got mainly detail shots of what we helped set up and I designed ... I will get pictures of the lovely couple soon. The cake was amazing from there I dream of Cake. Here are some pictures of both weddings.

Danielle and Justin 7*7*07:

The bride getting a something new, and something blue gift from the groom:
The bride meeting her Dad to go up the aisle..

The Vows Sealing the deal...

The new Mr. and Mrs...

Denise and Samuel 7*8*07:

THE CAKE: so cool the way this turned out (you can click to make it larger), The bottom tier is a Louie Vutton suitcase to symbolize their love of travel, the next tier is the books, one for law because Samuel is an attorney, and the next medical because Denise is a Doctor, the next tier up is a duffel bag for the US marine corps where Samuel is a Lieutenant , the final top tier is a Chinese take out box to symbolize their favorite food and Denise's Chinese background.. it also has the double happiness sign on it which is symbolic of a happy marriage in the Chinese culture. The accessories: The ducks, a Korean nod to Samuel's background where ducks are symbols of a long marriage because ducks choose only one mate in life, the Tiffany box is where Denise's wedding ring came from. It was so much fun designing this cake, and it taste amazing too.

Take a guess at how much per slice this cake is.. it was 130 guest..

This is the box for the cards that was made of flowers by the florist:

Outside lounge area for cocktail hour :
Inside some centerpieces and skyline of Sf in the background, this is at my favorite site Treasure Island Casa De La Vista.

Short centerpieces, we mixed short and tall to give the room depth.
Tall ones, you can't see it here but there were tiny candles hanging from the branches Tulips at the base.

View of room with ocean in the background..

I have more from this wedding but have to upload them later..


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