Wednesday, July 18, 2007

An update...
I can't believe it is already Wednesday. The weekend wasn't as easy going as we wanted it to be, although we were planning for visitors and playing tourist sometimes life changes plans for you. Keith's Mom was running a fever on Thursday and Keith took her to the ER, where they decided to keep her and run test. Since she has been diagnosed with Cancer, and her back pain from it she has spent most her time laying down which was causing some fluid to build in her lungs. Friday they told us she had pneumonia and because of the chemo she had been taking it would go from bad to worse rapidly. Friday before going to get Devan our nephew at the airport Ashlei and I went to visit her and she was doing okay, but had the chills very very bad, she also had some shortness of breath that they were giving her some oxygen for. It was weird because two years almost to the date (July 15,2005) I felt like I was in the same place with my Dad. I could almost know what was going to come next. I told Ashlei it was going to get worse before this got any better.. We went to get Devan and out to dinner we got home around 12am.
Next morning the hospital called and said they were moving his mom to ICU because she had shallow breathing overnight. We got ready and all went to see her. Her fever had spiked to 105 which made her a bit out of it, and they got her on a respirator to help with her breathing. It is hard for someone to see their Mom or Grandma in this state, it is not easy at all. We all took turns two at a time going back and talking with her... I had asked the nurse about the ventilator knowing that could be coming next, the nurse told us that she was very very sick with pneumonia, and it was going to get worse before it got better. They would not allow us to stay too long because she had not slept, and was trying to talk to us and they wanted her to just rest and breath. So we left and decided to go to SF and make the best of the day, if we could. We walked around a bit at the wharf and at Union Square. We then left and went to dinner in Berkeley and the DR. called Keith to tell him that they had put her on a ventilator and it was doing the breathing for her. The news we knew was coming but did not want to hear.
The next day we all went to see her but they had put her into an induced coma so they could let the breathing machine do the work for her, she was not all the way sedated and did open her eyes for Keith and Devan.
Her lungs are both pretty full with fluid at this point, and she is in Adult respiratory distress disorder meaning her lungs are not functioning on their own. She is holding her own despite all of the above. The doctor told us she had a 50/50 chance of making it, and we are choosing to hold onto the hope that the 50 chance that she will overcome this. It is just going to be a long road. Keith has been going every day, I went Monday to see her and will go today. Although they don't allow us to stay long, so we have been trying to occupy our time otherwise when we are not there. Natalie is here for the week, and we went out for her birthday Monday and I think it really helped Keith let go a bit. The amount of stress he has on his shoulders right now is indescribable. I do think it helps us both that my dad was in the same place, and the drs. said he would not make it and he did. It is possible.
So keep Keith's Mom in your prayers and god willing she will turn the corner to good anytime soon. I will keep you updated when I can.
We will post pictures from the weekend and Natalie's bday parties soon..


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