Monday, July 30, 2007

Some ramblings...

Sunday we were at the hospital most of the day with my mother-in-law. It is hard. The doctors call him daily to tell us there is no change in her condition and want us to decide what to do, meaning taking her off the life support machine. We have sort of talked about it and don't see how we could just take her off the machine, and always wonder what if.... however the entire team of professionals there feel that if her heart goes next that we do not try pattles and so on, because of the stress on her body and also the time she would be without oxygen to her brain could lead to brain damage, not to mention all the other things she is fighting against (kidney failure, stage 4 breast cancer). These are hard life decisions to make, and we are hoping her heart won't fail so it isn't something we have to deal with. Keith has been doing really good dealing with the doctors, I can not express how hard of a task that is. To listen to the constant reminders of how many bad things are and try to muster up the strength to go in and pep talk your mom into fighting for her life, and make casual conversation with someone who can not respond back. It is hard, very hard and we can use all the positive thoughts and prayers we can get for her. It is hard for me to watch Keith deal with all of this, I try to help out with calls to bills, and doctors to take some of the pressure off of him. I make the nightly call for him to get a status update. It seems most of the family think that he should be calling to give updates, I can't express how hard that is, if they want an update I think they should Keith and see how she is doing, and how he is. Not expect him to be the one to leave the hospital and make the calls to 20 people... hard life things.

After the hospital we went out to dinner together and to a movie, we went to see Sicko. We were saying in a long time from now when our parents are not nearby we will move to France or England because they seem to have it more "together" than we do at the moment. It was a very educational movie and really do recommend everyone see it.

On the baby front things are good, he is 28 weeks old next week.. only 84 days (or so they say) till we meet him. We got the baby bedding in the mail last week, we are very happy with the choice! The room is coming together, we are getting the custom closet today (thank you to Aunt Niki for the discount) and then we just need the crib.

Here is a look at the baby bedding below.. I will update with Nursery pics soon!


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