Friday, July 13, 2007

Ready for the weekend...
Weather seems like it is going to be perfect this weekend. Hopefully it will stay the 89 it is now and not get much hotter. I don't have a wedding this weekend, which is nice. This is our last break we have until Aug. 11th so we are going to enjoy it. Our nephew and his girlfriend are flying in tonight to spend the weekend. We don't have specific plans but will hopefully be in SF for most of tomorrow. I have a couple appointments this weekend as well that I have to squeeze in here and there. I will make sure and return with pictures. Next week is going to be a busy one with bday celebrations with Natalie (I am flying her in as a gift, a selfish one) and with appointments and rehearsals so I will try and relax a bit this weekend.

I have some pictures here from the wedding we did in Carmel. A really sweet couple Deb and Laron. They met on 4 years ago, and clicked ever since. This was a day of wedding I had at a golf course down there.. I didn't have my hands in it much. I was a bit surprised by the dress she wore, I didn't know it would be purple. I looked great on her, and this was not a second wedding for either so it caught me off guard. She was really sweet and very thankful. She did some neat things like cakes as centerpieces...I don't have a pic of that just yet. I don't really love the pictures the photographer took, not really my style but it will give you an idea.

These are not in order.. here at the pics..

The bride and groom exchanging vows under the chuppah a jewish canopy that symbolizes "home" for the couple. The family stand under the Chuppah during the ceremony..

Here they are about to cut the cake:

Under the Chuppah

The "hora" otherwise known as the jewish chair dance... during the reception.
here I am setting up the cake table
Right after they got married!


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