Monday, November 07, 2011

Quincy and Miles Baptism

Quincy and Miles were baptized on 10/16/11. A bit late, but better late than never. I was baptized Catholic, raised in the Catholic faith, and I agree with the foundation of the religion. I believe religion is a personal thing, a personal journey, and a personal relationship. I mainly wanted our boys to be baptized so they can feel apart of a faith community, and to help them form the foundation that I am grateful I had growing up. At some age they will choose for themselves what they want their religion to be, if any. I am just giving them one option. Darrian this year is in religious education classes on Sunday for a hour or so while I attend Mass. I have been looking for a program for several years that introduced him to religion on his level because taking him to mass he wasn't really understanding anything. At this church I found a community I really enjoy, and I like how open minded and liberal they are. I choose to have the boys baptized there, and hope to enroll them in the same classes when they are old enough.

We are thankful for those to came out to see the boys being baptized, our friends and family who support our little family mean the world to us. Julie and Chris are the godparents for the boys, same as Darrian's. We trust them to guide them, we trust them with our most valuable possessions and happy the boys have them to lean on if they ever need advice in life. My friend Kelly is a wonderful photographer which you know now having seen all her pictures she has taken of Darrian and the boys this far. She was invited as a friend to the baptism but was gracious enough to bring her camera along. She got some images I know no one else would have captured. If your ever looking for some pictures to be taken look Kelly up, you won't be disappointed.

Darrian's first time in a suite. He took my breath away, I can't believe this amazingly handsome guy is my son.


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