Monday, November 07, 2011


This year's Halloween seemed to last a while :) Darrian decided early on to be spiderman and my Mom got him a costume back in Sept. he wore it a couple times and it started to rip.. I had to order another costume from Amazon (that he wore 3-4 times for events and it started to rip) for actual Halloween events. At least he isn't the type yet to change his mind a bunch of times.

Quincy and Miles were Eeyore and Tigger, costumes a friend let me borrow. They were so cute in them I didn't want to take them off. :) We had a few fun events we went to. Darrian got to wear his costume to church for a parade, then we went to trunk or treat a free event in our city for the kids, and he had a school party.. and finally Trick or treating with our friends and their kids. All these events allowed me to get lots of pictures and Darrian is already talking about what he would want to be next year.
This picture is a free picture they took at the city's Trunk or Treat event

The crew before heading out trick or treating

Miles aka Tigger

Quincy aka Eeyore

Handsome Darrian aka spiderman

Love the tail!


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