Monday, November 07, 2011

Baby Boys 10 months old

I managed to actually get some pictures of the boys at 10 months. Quincy and Miles are doing great, happy, smiling, active little boys. Miles is starting to walk, takes about 6-10 steps then sits down and crawls the rest of the way. He stands up from the ground on his own. Quincy is letting go and standing on his own as well but has not started to take steps yet. They both have very distinctive personalities and they watch each other and learn from one another. It is not usual for something that was a Miles signature smile to become a Quincy's and vice verse. They already fight over toys, and are learning the hard lesson of sharing.
Feeding is going pretty good, they prefer solid table food vs the puree but it is the best way to get the veggies in.

*Both blowing raspberries

Quincy is the total flirt of the bunch, and the comedian. He cracks me up daily.

This smile pretty much says it all.

He loves to sing and dance, especially to Adele.

My smiley Miles, he has a smile that lights up his face, even with one tooth missing :( He is also SUPER independent, always off doing his own thing. No fear in this guy.

Big brother and Quincy

My three guys, we are so lucky.

Darrian and Miles


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