Friday, January 28, 2011

One Month..

(Don't let this picture fool you Miles is bigger :))

I am on a ROLL! Lol. Ok last update for the moment, here are pictures I took of Quincy and Miles at one month old. (and big brother Darrian got in there).

Darrian and Quincy

LOL.. Ok Darrian sit very can see though that Darrian and Quincy look quite a bit alike (Quincy is on the right)

Quincy and Miles. Both have a bit of old man hair going on.

Mr. Miles


A little update about each:
Miles... Miles, I call him Smiley Miles. He has these HUGE grins, I must get them on camera. You can not help but laugh and smile right along with him. He is pretty mellow, except when he wants to eat. He is still on the every three hours feed me schedule. He feels heavier than Quincy but the weight difference isn't really that big. He likes the swing at times, and tummy time. He loves to snuggle. Right in your neck cuddles.
Quincy..He was more active in my tummy than Miles, and he is now too. He is awake long period's of time. He doesn't love the swing, or tummy time. He likes to sit and take in the world. He coo's a bunch, but not big on flashing a huge smile. He speaks a lot with his eyes, and has such a sweet. He loves it when Darrian comes around, and wants to watch what his big brother is doing. He will sleep longer periods at night, but doesn't like to go to sleep until about 10pm. Giving one long alert awake time from 7-10pm.


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