Monday, January 03, 2011

My world is spinning a bit...

I have a ton to catch up on. Not just here, just in life in general. Overall the first four weeks with twins have gone pretty good. I am not going to say it is a cake walk, there are moments when I am very overwhelmed. However when I heard we were having twins, I really envisioned being in that state 24/7. I really thought I would loose touch with Darrian, and my friends. I know it sounds selfish but I have remained pretty close to my friends through marriage, and becoming a Mom. It is not always easy, but I made it happen because it is something I really value in my life. I thought when I was having twins this would for sure go away. I am happy to say I have still made some time for my friends, and even gotten out a bit which I did not think would happen. Granted just to target, or to take Darrian to play with friends, but I did not expect that.

I have pictures to share and show, here are some from Kelly that she took of the boys before Christmas.


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