Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Catching up..

I have been seriously lacking in posting. The main reason is I have to get a new photo post processing program since my old one is on the computer that is not working. I am hoping to do this by mid November.

It has been a busy month all around. We went to Apple Hill, Darrian's first field trip, I had some wonderful friends throw me a sprinkle at the start of the month, and we are gearing up for Halloween. Phew. I hope to get all the pictures up soon.

The twins have been growing this month too, so far so good. I had a Dr's appt on the 15th and both are doing really good. I am doing pretty good too. I am uncomfortable but hanging in there. I get really tired by the end of day, and can not do too much in one day. I am trying to take it slower this time than I did with Darrian. If you remember I was working, doing weddings the weekend, and my social life. I don't know how much all that played into him coming 6 weeks early, but I am trying to do better this time and listen to my body more.

I am now 31 weeks and 2 days. Things with me seem to be going okay, my blood pressure is looking good so far (this is right about the time that it started to spike with Darrian) and I have not gained any weight so far this pregnancy. I lost about 20 to start and I have put back on about 8 lbs but still in the negative for now. I have passed two test for gestational diabetes which was a risk with twins which is good.

The twins had a growth ultrasound on Friday and both are doing great. I was waiting for full results from my Dr. but she is on vacation.

Baby A was measuring 31 weeks 4 days (6 days ahead)
Baby B was measuring 31 weeks 4 days (6 days ahead)

Baby A was estimated to weigh 3 lbs 12 oz
Baby B was estimated to weigh 4 lbs 2 oz

I am hoping both will be a bit above 5 lbs. The tech said that baby A has a lot of hair, and baby B has some hair. Baby B is pretty shy.

This time around we are not having a 3D ultrasound. It will be a surprise what they look like. With Darrian I knew right at the ultrasound that he looked just like Keith. I am hoping these two look like Darrian.

We are not any closer on the name front. We have a few we like more than others, but nothing firm yet. Don't blame me this is mainly Keith's fault.


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