Friday, October 01, 2010

Twins update...

Just a little update with the twins, not many pictures this time. I only got three and two are of baby A because baby B was just not having it. Everything went really well at the appointments, the ultrasound is suppose to last over 1 1/2 hours and only lasted about 45 minutes. The lady was nice but seemed to rush. I had a perinatologist appointment after, this is the high risk pregnancy Doctor (twins automatically put you into that category). He was very happy with everything, babies measured good from the ultrasound, cervix is good, blood pressure was good (TG), gestational diabetes test came back great... he said everything was "perfect". I was on cloud 9. I am headed to 28 weeks (sunday) a big milestone and was worried I would not hit this point. I am happy I did and I am praying I can make it another 9/10 weeks. He mentioned a lot of twin Mom's go out of work at 28 weeks and I expressed that I would like to make it to 32 weeks. We will see how it goes. I am working from home several days in Oct. so that will help, and hopefully work all of Nov. from home.

After I left the appointment I got home and an hour later got a call from the peri nurse. Stating that they wanted me to come back in this past Monday to measure the fluid in Baby B's sac.This could mean a lot of things, none of which is good. I did not understand since the peri checked too and the nurse said that the radiologist put it into the report so the Dr. HAD to be sure and have me come in.

I drank a TON of water over the weekend and spent a lot of it resting. I went to the appointment Monday morning, and talked with the nurse. She said she would look at the fluid first and did and everything was just fine. So they let me go home. A lot of worry for no good reason, but at least it was ok.

Here are some stats, just so you know they are called Baby B and Baby A because Baby A is always closer to the cervix and Baby B is up top. We have yet to pick names, hopefully soon. Keith is picky and I feel a bit disconnected not having names for them.

These were done at 26 weeks 5 days 09/24

Baby A:
2.3 lbs Measuring 27 Weeks heart beat was 151 beats per minute.

Baby B:
2.4 lbs Measuring 27 weeks 1 day, heart beat was 153 beats per minute.

Baby B was waving, and Baby A moves A LOT. She did comment on how they both have long legs.

My next ultrasound is on 10/22, and next Dr. appt. is on 10/15. Fingers crossed it all goes well.


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