Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sprinkle for the Twins A Perfect Pair

I was able to get another trial of my photo editing program so I finally updated pictures! I am going to try and catch up on what we have been doing the past month and a half.
First up.. My Sprinkle. A sprinkle is like a shower but you don't register and it is sort of potluck style. It is a chance to sprinkle the soon to be Mama with some well wishes and love. I feel very blessed to have the friends I do. I have said many times that I met new Mom's hoping Darrian would have some friends, and it ended up being so much more for me than I thought it would be. The advice, the friendships are all things I am thankful for. I of course have been very blessed by many friendships in my life, and it meant a lot to me that several friends outside of the "mom group" showed up to support and celebrate with me. Thank you just doesn't seem enough to express my gratitude. Kelly and Laura hosted and they did such a great job, I loved all the decorations and was humbled by all they put into it.


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