Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Merry Christmas...

We had a great Christmas in the Thornton house. I had the whole week off work, what a splendid treat. We filled out time with relaxation, time with friends, and lots of holiday activities. It just went by too fast. Here were some pictures I captured over the week...

We went to look at Christmas Lights, I can't find the pictures I took. It was a lot of fun, we went to this community in San Ramon where everyone does the lights. Darrian stayed awake this year and really enjoyed all the lights, and the cars parked in the drive ways lol. He loves cars. We also went to a playdate hosted by one of "Mom" friends :). Darrian had a great time playing with all the trains, her house is like toysrus for toddlers. A slice of heaven for Darrian.

Christmas Eve we went to Julie & Chris house. Location changed, but we were with them again on Christmas Eve and that is all that mattered to us. Although there seem to be some fall outs with other relationships this past year, they have been there for everything and I am thankful for them. We all are. Darrian had a big crush on Roni, and really attached to her. I felt kind of bad for Roni since he was dragging her all over the house. At one point she left to go wrap gifts and I had to tell Darrian she was in the potty because he wanted me to go find her. Does it really start this early? At least he has good taste.

Darrian checking out the poly pockets to see what all the hype is about.

Awh giving a hug to Ivy.

Ju-JU and cutie Lily.

The kids playing and Darrian with Roni.

When we got home Christmas Eve Darrian opened one gift (his new PJs) and we set out cookies and Milk for Santa. Darrian kept telling me they were HIS cookies and proceeded to eat them. But only the middle out of them, that is his favorite part the rest he left for Santa. After he was in bed we brought the bike out, I mean Santa delivered the bike, filled the stockings, and put the gifts under the tree.

Christmas Morning Darrian slept in till about 7:30 am, his normal time. Wonder when the days of him getting up at 5am for Santa will start? He came out and saw the bike, so cute. I got it on video I will upload it this week sometime. He loved all the gifts he got from everyone, and was very spoiled. Auntie Devyn stopped by to visit and brought Darrian some fun gifts, all my friend's got Darrian a great gifts. So generous. That night I made a great Christmas dinner if I do say so myself :) and we relaxed. Saturday Sofia came by to visit and bring Darrian some gifts, very sweet of her. Santa treated me pretty good too, OK so Mom is still my Santa Lol. Got some new shoes and gift cards all that I love. Hope you all had a great Christmas week... now ready for the new year ? Oy.

opening a cool train Grandma got him
and another ..
taking a spin on his new bike :)


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

LOOOOOOOVE D's jammies! And what a cool bike - looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas!

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