Sunday, December 06, 2009

Advent Calendar

I grew up with the advent calendars that have the chocolate in them, they were lots of fun and I think we had two so my brother had one and I had one. I got them even after I moved out, before we were married, and before we had kids. I would come home to find two weeks of the count down cleared out, in the first few days :(. Keith didn't quite get the whole "only one day at a time". This year now that Darrian sort of knows what is going on, I knew I was not going to be able to get him to see that he could only have one piece of chocolate at a time. Also Daddy may have the calendar cleared out the second day. So I went on a hunt, but a bit late. I really liked some of the one's I saw on Etsy , but I started the search a bit late so needed something local. I also saw this blog where she wrapped a book for each day, that they would unwrap and read with hot cocoa. It would be pretty expensive to try and create it on short notice though.
Mom and I headed down to Glad Tidings in Pleasanton with Darrian and found one I really loved. It has the same book idea in mind. It opens up to 25 small books, each with a small bible story or song ! You can then hang them on the tree !

Here are some pictures of the one we choose, I love reading the book each night with Darrian.


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