Friday, December 11, 2009

Favorite Gifts...

I was thinking about gifts the other day. Christmas was a bunch of fun when you just sat back and waited for Santa to arrive huh? I do love shopping, and I love giving fun gifts. The stress of trying to do it all at once can be stressful. I think I like birthday's for this reason because it more about that person only, from a shopping sense. I do love this season though. I especially love having Darrian to shop for because I could get the simplest thing and he would be excited. I was thinking about some of my best gifts, and of course my camera and my camera lenses top that list. At Christmas it was always fun to open all the toys and cloths we got. I remember there being a MOUNTAIN of wrapping paper from the ripping fest.

Two other favorite gifts that I have are my journals from Keith and my best friend Devyn. They are sort of these fill in memory books. I love them. I still go back and look at them all the time. I still fill them up with cards and letters I get from them. I thought to myself what makes them so special, the answer is really easy. There is a lot of love that went into these gifts. I won't sit here and say I don't love the commercial (camera) electronic stuff, I do. I just love the well thought out one's too.

This is the one that Devyn got me in Highschool. You fill in spaces that it prompts you for questions for.

Inside is 15 years of friendship, cards and letters, invites to graduations.. prom pictures. I cherish Devyn and I cherish this gift. If there was a fire this would be one of the things I grabbed for sure.

This is the one that Keith gave me when we were dating, and 11 years ago. It has movie tickets over the years, the first letter he ever sent to me, cards, pictures of us. A record book of us.


Erica said...

Those two journals are very cool. I love all the new pics of D--he's getting so BIG!! :)

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