Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apple Hill...

The Mom's and Grandma's

This weekend we went to Apple Hill. I love Apple Hill. I have only been twice, and I want to go every year. It is so pretty there, and so fun to be at the different farms. This was Darrian's first year, and he really loved it. I will say that going with a child is harder, once they are out of the car it is hard to convince them to get back in, get out, get back in.. He was a trooper though.

Mom and I drove to Pam's house in Roseville, then we all drove to Debbie's house in Apple Hill together. D's godparents and god sisters met us at Debbie's house. I have to say I thought we would beat them to Apple Hill, be at a farm, and have them meet us there. So I gave them Debbie's address (IN Apple Hill) as a starting point to get them on the road, and well it took Pam a year to get out of Roseville so they beat us. Called me during in and out cellphone coverage to ask why the hell they were sitting in front of someones house. LOL. Meanwhile inside, Debbie was wondering who was just sitting in the car outside her house and pulled out the binoculars to spy.

Darrian promptly upon seeing the L clan wanted to ride in their car, I think we have started a trend. It makes me happy though that Darrian loves them, and is comfy with them since we choose them as godparents because we hope he will go to them to seek advice from them as he gets older. So rejection is made a little better. :)

We had a really good group, it was Debbie, Mom, Pammy, Chris, Julie, the kids, Me, D, Heather and Braxton. Lily and Darrian boycotted naps and did really good the whole day. Braxton was woken up but didn't seem to mind since he got to come and play with everyone. It was a lot of fun. I was worried that Chris or Julie wouldn't like it, and that is a far drive to not like something. They did though so that is good, and maybe I can talk them into going back next year.
I took a million pictures. Some highlights were riding horses, riding bikes, and "roller coasters", bounce houses, farm animals, wine tasting, a tractor, and everything Apple you could ever imagine. Best of all, hanging out with friends and family you have known forever, and the amazing setting.
After we went to Debbie's house in the woods, and she treated us to dinner. The boys played so cute together (till Darrian played catch with a block), and are so fun to watch. I am proud of Debbie for doing what she always wanted to do when a time of change presented itself. Not an easy thing to do.

Ms. Lily is so precious, she has the greatest personality. She was so sweet with D and helping push him up the hill in her stroller.

D on the tractor, aren't the colors amazing?

Braxton was a PRO on the Roller Coaster and he has the sweetest laugh.

First spin on a horse. :)

Guess what D wants for Christmas ? The hardest part of the day came trying to get him off this thing.

A lovely view.

The MOST precious part of the day. Braxton and Darrian holding hands at the farm. SOO sweet.

Mr. B is so cute. My mission is to get a picture of his eyes on camera cause they are amazing.

Awh don't you just love sisters??

Ivy and Malia were naturals on the horse, I think horse lessons should be in their future.

Girls enjoying the apples.

B was so cute on the horse, he kept hitting the saddle and saying "honk, honk". LOL.

D's first ride, thank you Heather! He was a little leery, but once they started moving he was good.

Girls with the hay maze.

Good times! Thank you Pammy for letting us stay in your home, we had the best time.


Heather :: Angel Face Designs :: said...

I love Apple Hill!! BEAUTIFUL pictures, as always!

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