Wednesday, November 04, 2009

One Holiday down, two more to go.

We had a great Halloween. We were suppose to go over to Chris and Julie's and spend the night and go trick or treating with them... but Keith got sick. So we stayed home. I was really bummed that Darrian wouldn't have anyone to trick-or-treat with, but he seemed to have fun regardless. We went around the neighborhood, and Grandma came with us. Darrian really liked having her walk to the door with him. He would go up and knock, then step back and hold Grandma's hand. He occasionally said "treat", and he got pretty good at holding out his bucket. I have pictures, just haven't had a moment to upload them.

This weekend I also scored and got a bike trailer I had been looking for on Craigslist. I have been stalking CL since the summer looking for one of these. They retail anywhere between $120-500.00 depending on brand. I really didn't want to spend more than $50.00. I found a few, but they were sold by the time I asked about them. I finally found one for $20.00!!! I couldn't believe it. It needed a good wash, and has some pen marks on one of the windows... but overall great shape. Score! I just need a bike. I am also stalking CL for that, and saw a super cheap one on Walmart if I don't find anything cheaper. Although it is hard having this carrier and not being able to take it for a spin, hopefully soon.

Now we move onto Thanksgiving, November came so quick! This weekend we are going to Apple Hill with Pammy and meeting Debbie up there. I can't wait. I love the fall and it looks so fall up there, should be fun. There were some reports of rain but it looks like they are going to hold off or start on Friday instead..*fingers crossed*.

Finally wanted to share a FREE turkey day decor download from one of my favorite etsy sellers Paper&Cake. They were nice enough to share with their customers, and I am sharing with you. :)

Purty huh?
The kit includes:
* Invitation + Envelope
* Menu
* Place Cards
* Wine Glass Tags
* Napkin Rings / Candle Wrap / Candle Wrap
* Party Food Label
* Recipe Card
* Favor Box

you can download it here:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the printables!!! I'm excited for Thanksgiving now :)

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