Thursday, March 19, 2009

No fun getting behind...

I have been behind on uploading pics, and updating the blog. It is hard to carve out the time to do it. I am hoping to get better at it. We have been doing some fun stuff over the past few weeks. We have been getting together with some of D's friends, We all went to the St. Patty's day parade in Dublin with my Mom, Chris, Julie, the girls, and Lynda and then to go eat and let the kids play.

I feel like I am falling behind in updating on Darrian.

He loves these books where you point at the picture.

He is picking up new words all the time, some new one's this week hey you, boots, kitty, spider, star, Owl, and toes to name a few.

He likes Fragglerock and Seasame St., and Elmo who he calls "MoMo".

He loves macaroni and cheese, and cheese in general.

He still loves to dance. It is funny, his song he likes came on the radio the other day and and he threw his keys to the side so he could break it down with both hands. haha.

He LOVES keys, and the car, and the steering wheel in the car. He could sit there for hours.

He still loves wa-wa. I am going to get him a water table this summer for hours of fun :0) Here are some pictures of him over the past couple weeks.

D checking out the costco boxes

Found the waffle box, but where are the waffles.

Checking out the waffle box, reading all about them :)

hanging out back

This how we comb our hair and brush our teeth. He won't sit still to comb his hair otherwise. He plays with wa-wa. He starts on the counter, but usually ends up IN the sink.


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