Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday Blues.

I've got a case of them. K went to LA this weekend, and I envisioned a fun weekend of lots of mommy and son time with Darrian... and some time with friends. Well the weekend did not exactly turn out the way I wanted. Friday I had the day off, and we had a fun playdate with some friends. After that we went home D took a nap, and then we played outside with bubbles for a long time. Darrian LOVES being outside, I get a major fit when I try to take him inside. Although having no gates around our place.. D has found his escape paths and finds them over and over again. It is tiring, but he has fun.

My friend Kelly and her son Greyson came over and we went to dinner. Then D went to bed and I watched a movie. Saturday we were out running around getting some things for Auntie Niki's visit that night, when I hear a noise coming from the back seat to find D throwing up everywhere. UGHHHH. I thought it was something he ate, wishful thinking I guess. I realized in that moment parenting is so much easier than the support of another. Trying to get D out of the car, the carseat out to clean.. where to put a 17 month old so he doesn't take off running. Put him inside while I try to dismantle the carseat. He continued to throw up every 10 minutes or so. It was so sad to watch, and when he just laid down to cause he was too tired to try and stand up and get sick, I called the advice nurse. They then asked me to bring him in to ER. Great. Carseat is apart and wet.. D got to ER got sick again in the waiting room. They got him in pretty fast. Gave him some meds to calm his tummy.. He was super cute in his gown though and saying hi to all the nurses who passed. Grandma dropped in to check on us, and after he kept some liquid down they let us go. Sunday we relaxed, played it low key. Missed the brunch we had with Auntie Dev, and anything fun. K got bumped from his flight, and by the time he got home I was so tired.

So not the fun mommy and son weekend we wanted. Hopefully D will feel better fast, and I won't catch it.. Here's hoping !


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