Monday, March 30, 2009

A girls night away...

Last weekend I went out with the ladies for my birthday (now I am stretching them into two months). We were going to go to a hotel, but that proved to be too expensive, my only goal was to drink without a early wake up call. Since having Darrian I have not really had much to drink, because really it is not as fun when you have an early wake up call the next morning (6am -9am). So Sofia was nice enough to offer up her place in SF.
It was a lot of fun, drinking and then headed back to her place to play some board games. It was a great evening, and was suppose to be my night away for the first time. Although, I left the house right before D went to bed, and I was home before he woke up. 8 am wake up is no fun when you go to bed at 5 am, and sort of lost the point of sleeping in. Next time I will make sure and sleep in a little later :)

Some blurry pics from the night..

How you flag a taxi, stand in the street?

Someone left their Sombreros behind, and we did not let them go to waste.


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