Thursday, June 05, 2008

Welcome Home Lily..
We had to go to Stockton to drop Bernice off on Wednesday, and we were going to raid the hospital to get a peek at Lily. My phone had died, so it was charging and as I went to call Chris and Julie I saw I had a message from Julie. Lily was on her way home. So I called Chris and he said we could stop by. I felt sort of bad going since she just got home, and I knew her family has barely gotten to spend time with her since she was born. But we were in Stockton, it seemed silly to not stop. Although I was good and did not hold her, and let her family enjoy her. Next time all bets are off :). She is lovely. No surprise there. She looks like Ivy did, but in some ways looks different.. only time will tell. Darrian did not even notice there was a baby in the room, and Ivy was nice enough to let Darrian chew on her toys. It was really sweet Ivy was sitting on the ground next to him singing and Darrian was laughing and dancing to her song. I love his little giggle. Three girls. All very cute, and lots of fun. I look forward to seeing Lily grow, I can't believe Darrian was EVER that small (he was actually smaller at first).

The big sister's with Lily and Mimi.

Ivy checking Lily out.

Such a doll.

Mr. cuteness standing up..

Ivy holding Lily's hand. One of my favorite Memories of Malia is when Ivy was just a tiny tiny baby and we were visiting. Ivy started to cry down the hall. Malia left all her toys mid play and started running down the hall saying "Ivy I'm coming". Something cute about the older sibling nurturing the younger one.
Ivy giving me her tough muscle face showing off her tattoo.. Chris got one too, I did not get a picture but his is real, and very cool. I was happy he finally got it since he has wanted it so long.
Daddy and Lily..

In her bouncer Chris put together..


Katie said...

she is beautiful! And I love the name! It's a perfect fit with her sister's names!

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